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2017-04-24 22:53:19 by wax-jr

news... yes many may not give a damn, i get it, so i'll go to the point

i thought i could cover a song but i may leave that for the very last, since i want to  finish the beyond album first, so i'll deliver content as soon as i can... by the way, you can blame zelda breath of the wild for my distraction


it may be 6 like usual or maybe more, it looks like i had some sorth revelation


expect content, i'm still alive


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2017-04-24 22:59:32

Would you care to share with us your Beyond Album? When will you release your album?

(Updated ) wax-jr responds:

ok so this is the thing, i was suppose to finish beyond on 2016, but i had so much!@#$%^&*&$^$&(, on life and i think i went trough depression since i didn't seek medical help, but i kinda understood what I was missing, so in theory it's not finish, but i, i made improvements and i'll try not tuo rush it so i can give a full experience, and the starting song was gonna be a remix, but i may get in trouble, since it's not remix, but at the same time it is, so i had to move on, and the second track it's like 78% done, and the rest of the tracksare like 40 to 30% so i'll hustle from now on, i hafve to finish this and i will,also if i run out of space on soundcloud, i'll try anything from mega, to 4shared if the servers are still alive, i want no profit for my work but to please people anywhere from the globe, and thanks for the support.

and yes you may use my content, feel free to use it. and thanks for your support


2017-04-24 23:41:35

@DaisyMarino use whoever you want, i give you full permission, along with future animators on NG website, i do what i do, because i like to do what i do! Thanks for tuning in, stay safe and enjoy life


2017-04-27 02:14:19

Thanks a bunch Wax-JR. You are so kind. Take care, don't worry because you will be credited once I share your work either on social media or web 2.0. Again thank you. :)

wax-jr responds:

you're welcome, it's my hobby after all, anyway if you want to i also have the full songs of the previous album cycle on my soundcloud, there's a download option too, i don't do it for money, i do it for the fans ;)